I help build predictable revenue through marketing systems.

Throughout my career as a Strategic Marketing Leader, I have been influential in leading multi-million-dollar campaigns and driving innovative go-to-market efforts that have resulted in $67M in revenue for start-ups. I have omni-channel management experience and I consistently lead scalability initiatives as a Principal Consultant.

As a leader, I have managed multi-functional teams and have incorporated training, development, and mentorship into various positions to advocate for professional success. It is my passion to consistently provide leadership for projects and organizational best practices, while staying on top of marketing demands.

Some of my key achievements include:

✅ Manages a team of 6 including product managers, designers, and developers, formulating the strategy with a seven-figure annual marketing budget, balancing project investments and personnel hours

✅ Increased Marketing Validated Pipeline by 50.2% YOY, due to creating an omni-channel marketing strategy that leveraged data and insights to increase SEO rankings, sales enablement to scale webinar engagement, lead quality, and optimized paid channels

✅ Managed $23M+ in campaign ad spend across search, social, programmatic, influencers, and offline channels, as well as helped raise $32M+ for 4 startups

✅ Scaled advertising spend 14x across online and offline channels while keeping CPLs consistent, partnering with the Sales, Finance, and Customer Support on Customer Journey improvements, increasing repeat orders by 423%

✅ Effectively ran 17+ user experience tests with a team of designers, analysts, programmers, and product managers across web, sales, and guideshops to create a new customer journey

✅ Advisor to cela, clocr, AIRE Health, Listen Ventures and Dashfire

✅ Core competencies include: Team Leadership & Management, Marketing Strategy & Analysis, Financial Industry Experience, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Omni-Channel Management, Budget Management, Strategic Problem Solver, Project Development, Marketing Channel Management, SEO Strategies, Training, Development & Mentorship, Website Development, Lead Generation, Scalability, Customer Journey Mapping, Lead Quality Segmentation, Digital Nurture Teams, Segmentation, Dashboard Planning

I am interested in connecting with other like-minded professionals in my field.

Feel free to contact me through this profile if you wish to connect.