Your Marketing Will Fail If You Listen To This Familiar Maxim

Your marketing will fail if you listen to this familiar maxim.

"Speak to the right user, at the right time, with the right message."

You need to add one more qualifier... the right way.

Let's break that down….

- Right User = Do they have intent on taking action?
- Right Time = Did we reach them at a time when they can take action?
- Right Message = Did our message encourage them to take action?
- Right Way = Did their experience through the journey meet or exceed their expectations to take action?

Examples of the "Wrong Way"

- Using horizontal videos for story ads. Users know when content isn't native to the platform.
- Blog posts optimized for Google, not humans. Technical SEO is necessary, but search engines factor in dwell time to see if a search result is helpful.
- Non-mobile friendly emails, the feeling or horizontally back and forth through an email...the worst.

Even with the right intention of reaching the right user, at the time, with the right message, if you don't meet or exceed their expectations by creating a human-friendly experience, they won't take action.